Contact us

The core neuroConstruct team:

  Padraig Gleeson (p.gleeson - at -

  Angus Silver (a.silver - at -


To get in contact directly with the team please mail: info -at-

Alternatively use/join the neuroConstruct mailing list: neuroConstruct -at- (archives)


Past neuroConstruct developers:

  Boris Marin

  Rokas Stanislovas

  Guy Billings

  Matteo Farinella

  Eugenio Piasini

  Yates Buckley

  Yoana Dimitrova

  Simon Barnes

See also the list of contributors on GitHub.


Many thanks to the following people who have made significant contributions to the development of neuroConstruct

  Volker Steuber

  Robert Cannon

  Sharon Crook

  Koen Vervaeke

  Simon O'Connor


Development of this software was made possible with funding from the Wellcome Trust, the Medical Research Council and the EU Synapse Project.