Simulation Configurations

Most neuroConstruct Projects will illustrate not just a single aspect of a cell or network, but will seek to show how the cells react under different inputs, or how a network behaves with different Cell Groups/cell populations present, etc. A particular Simulation Configuration has a number of Cell Groups, Network Connections, Electrical Inputs, and Plots associated with it, along with a simulation duration.

One of these configurations must be specified when the network is generated, indicating which of the aspects of the model is to be simulated. A Default Simulation Configuration is always present, and if there is only this one, all new Cell Groups, etc. will be automatically associated with it; otherwise new Cell Groups, Network Connections, etc. have to be manually added to whichever particular Simulation Configuration they are required for.

Ideally there will be one Simulation Configuration associated with the project for each aspect being illustrated by the model as a whole. If the model is accompanied by a paper, this could translate to one Simulation Configuration for each figure. If a published model is being reproduced in neuroConstruct, it would be a useful goal to include Simulation Configurations reproducing the figures of the paper as closely as possible. New Simulation Configurations can also be added to test new features of the network. Having a number of 'working' Simulation Configurations is useful when a model is being developed, as following changes in the cells/cell mechanisms, the older Simulation Configurations can be tested to ensure they are still producing the desired results.