Tutorials about neuroConstruct

These tutorials will give an introduction to the main functionality contained in neuroConstruct

Note: These are not intended as introductory tutorials for computational neuroscience.

They assume a basic knowledge of the concepts behind simulation of neuronal processes. Introductory tutorials on GENESIS or NEURON will provide this.

  Very quick

For those with little time on their hands, a very quick tutorial gives an insight to the main concepts of neuroConstruct

  Basic functionality

A step by step guide to most of the basic functionality of neuroConstruct

  Network functionality

A guide to how network connections are set up in neuroConstruct



In addition to the above, there are also guides to importing NEURON models into neuroConstruct and converting channels to ChannelML.

More detailed tutorials will be added in future. If you can suggest any aspect which needs clarification, please get in touch...